Certified Phresh - S01E07 Meet Lord Sesshomaru

Certified Phresh - S01E07 Meet Lord Sesshomaru

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This is a written interview between JV and Lord Sesshomaru (LS). If you download the attached file, you'll get a dickbutt. 


(JV) Where are you from?What was growing up there like?


I´m from Hamburg, Germany.

I really like the water, Hamburg´s great places are all near rivers and Water. Northern Germany is cold, windy and rainy, but there is one thing u can´t do and that is pulling the northern Germany Attitude out of me. I grew up skating here and its still a big part of my life.

(JV) Whats the tattoo on your leg? Whats the 13 for?


I got a Skeleton-Reaper on my left leg, and recently a whole body Lord Sesshomaru came besides that. I just to had to have on me.

The 13 because i was born on the 13th and it became my favourite Number as long as i remember.

(JV) How'd you get started making music? When did you transition to phonk?


Through skating i met Lil Yume aka Yung Animé about 2014, and he showed me Yung Lean, Dj Smokey and SGP.

I´ve been listening to Trap alot at that Time but ive never made anything but then he showed me how to make beats, he is the reason why everything began.

(JV) Why did you choose Lord Sesshomaru as a producer name?


I had like 2-3 shitty Names at first, but then i watched Inu-yasha and the Lord was the most badass fictional Character ive ever seen in my life (its still) so i went with The Name And haven´t changed it ever again.

(JV) How did you learn about Ryan Celsius?



I think it was a Youtube Playlist that i was on. Trappin in heaven

(JV) Let's talk about your music. One of your projects is Xanax Issues...is that a play on words? Have you struggled with drug addiction?


Yeah, i had a struggle on that, a plug just gave me 200 xans and i got hooked on it.I still do it to this Day, to be honest. But i got that under Control as far as i feel that way, but in this industry theres alot of Drug use everywhere, hard to resist that constantly.

(JV) I want to talk about another project, Artesian Posse: that's you, Lil Yume and Soudiere. How did that come about? What was it like to work with Soudiere?


In Hamburg we have a Party called Night of the Trill since 2016.

And Soudiere played a set in Hamburg, he slept at my Place for 5 Days and in that Time we made that whole Tape at my Crib.

Soudiere is such a nice Person, we had a blast and he´s a true genius, one of the greatest to ever Do it.

(JV) How do you approach projects and tracks? Do you have a feeling or meaning to any of them, or you just have an idea for a tune and make a beat?

I´m just making music when i´m inspired and caught up in a Vibe, mostly i listen to music and i feed of the Energy i just heard.
Yeah alot of Tracks and Tapes have a Meaning to me. They all gave me so many opportunitys and created so many good moments, that i will never forget. Going on Tour with Smokey, collabing with him, playing with Soudiere making a Tape together. Playing with Yung Vamp, all that and more.
Some times i really think of all these Times and im just Thankful for all the Luv and support of the Community.

(JV) What's an aspect of production you feel like you've mastered and an aspect you still think you need to work on?

I´m no master of anything im learning by mistake. I´m making a track and if its sounds good on Headphones and Speakers they go Online. Actually i´m having 3 Tapes ready to Go, they will be all released 2k19.

(JV) How can people listen to your tracks?

On Soundcloud - Lord Sesshomaru
On Bandcamp alot of it is on the Mosaic Boys some on cizzvrp Canal.
And probably on Youtube.
I think only Xanax issues is on Spotify.
I really have to thank all my Supporters, Justin, Clark, Deo and Martina. Smokey n Soudiere s/o all them Phonk Producers out there still making it happen and realising music.

With all Luv, Lord Sesshomaru <3.